And were back! 2020 is gonna be a good year!

June 2019

Tun Tavern Hops produces the finest Craft Hops for Kentuckys Craft Brewers.

Warm dry winter and the plants have come back with a vengence. cables tunes. almost ready for cut back. should be a great year.

As Tun Tavern Hops only produces a Fresh Whole Seasonal product available once a year, it is recommended orders be placed as soon as possible during the growing season (March-Oct). Early orders receive favorable discounts as do repeat customers. We work hard to communicate with the Craft Brewers in regard to harvest time lines to provide the most accurate potential brew date. This requires communication. We dont want to see brewing equipment not brewing,not making money either.

We are in our fifth year of hops and our our third year of Annual and Perennial Flower production this year. Using flowers for a Gift, Wedding or any event you would use a Florist for we might have you covered. We even have Mammoth Sunflowers for Poultry feed, bringing in the doves during dove hunting season or fresh dried seeds for a home made sunflower bake project.


What are Fresh Whole Hops? 

These are Hop Cones that are picked from the Bine and used within 48 hrs in the brewing of a once a year seasonal beer.

How long are they available? 

Different varietals will mature at different times but generally all mature within a week.  To be used immediately.

Can they be shipped? YES. Fresh Hops can be shipped over night, picked up in person or delivered if arrangements are made prior to harvest.

How do i use fresh hops?

The general rule is 1 to 4 times the amount of needed hops. If a brewer is using 6 ounces of chinook pellets in a 7 gallon brew, he will need 24 ounces of fresh whole hops. As whole wet hops can plug up and stop the heat exchange process, measures must be made to "contain" the whole hops. This can be done with bags or metal baskets.

About Us


Tun Tavern Hops is a Whole Fresh Hops Production Facility and is owned and operated by Mike and Ruth Taylor. Both Marine Corps Sergeant veterans.The facility was named after the birth place of the United States Marines after the original tavern called The Tun Tavern. Built in 1686. The word tun is old english for keg of beer.  The tavern was used to recruit 2 battalions of fighters in 1775 and were named Marines. Using only OMRI approved amendments and utilizing Dept of Kentucky Good Farming Practices, we specialize in seasonal only whole fresh Craft Hops for The Craft Brewing Industry. We also produce Annual and Perennial Flowers.


Tun Tavern Hops varietals include Chinook, Cascade, Tea Maker, Centennial, Magnum, Hallertau, Soriachi Ace and Tettnanger.


All seasonal Hops produced and sold come with a Analytical Analysis and Moisture Content report.

Price dependant on varietal and quantity.

Hops are not available Pelletized.


2018 Wind Storm 75 mph gusts




lager, ipa, pale ale, stout, porter

Harsh bitterness

alpha 12-14%

beta 3-4%

tastes of pine cones and clay from the soil. earthy.

4th year

Files coming soon.


Bittering and aroma

pale ales, ambers, ipa's, barleywines

Light bitterness. 

alpha 4.5-7%

beta 4-7.5%

Citrus lemon spice flavor, orange cantalope aroma

4th year

Files coming soon.


bittering and aroma

pale ales, ambers, ipa's, barleywine

mild piney bittering, 

alpha 9.5%

beta 3.5-4.5%

pleasant spicy cinnamon aroma

3rd year

Files coming soon.



kolsch, pilsner, herbal teas

smells of clay, grass, earthy

alpha .5-1.5%

beta 6-13%

bittering tone can ruin a beer if over used. piney, minty, forest tea tastes and smell if steep correctly. very potant in small amounts for tea. one cone can be steeped for tea 5 times.

4th year

Files coming soon.


dual purpose

pale ale, wheat, ipa, saison, blonde

spicey lemon bittering

alpha 10.5-12

beta 5-6%

clay, old spice smell, lemon cinnamon piney aroma, very close to citra

2nd year

Files coming soon.



lagers, pilsners, ales

very earthy, heavy clay dirt aroma

alpha 3.5-5.5%

beta 3-4%

2nd year, to be determined

Files coming soon.


dual purpose

lagers, pilsners, very versatile

alpha 4-5.5%

beta 3-4%

forest, earthy, river mud

2nd year. To be determined.

Files coming soon.

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